Vintage Triumph valve & spring kits

You have just found the best valve and spring kits in the world for your Triumph.

Valves and guides are important to your engine's performance, compression, and longevity. Worn valve stems and excessive guide clearance are common on Triumphs, and can cause tuning and reliability nightmares.

Better valve, guide, and spring materials allow us to use modern technology to improve our vintage machines.

Valve kit options can include oversize valves, oversize guides, different guide materials, and guides with seals or without. If you order the wrong guide or need a different size we will exchange your guides at no cost. 

Spring kits are sold separately, and range from restoration to racing. Each kit has a suggested maximum cam lift and installation sheets can be found on each page.

We have experience with ALL of the products we sell, and warranty every part to be without defects. If you need something that is not available here or have questions about your application, please contact the shop.