F/G Engine photo gallery

Having the opportunity to build and work on some amazing Triumph engines and motorcycles, here are some photos taken along the way. Scroll down to see some of them.


F/G after dark...

6mm valve conversion for a desert sled...
TR6C with A.R.D. magneto, MAP 750 kit, Monobloc carb, TriCor racing cams
Pre Unit Triumph salt flats racerTriumph vintage Pre Unit 650 Land Speed record setting engine
Unit 650 in progress...
1959 Triumph Bonneville show engine1959 Bonneville T120 show engine
Triumph vintage engine
Triumph vintage engine crate
Pre Unit show engine crated for shipping
Franz and Grubb Engine inside shop
1948 Triumph T100 Tiger
1948 Triumph T100 500cc and gearbox
Triumph show bike engine T120
Morgo oil pump installed
Triumph TR6C on sidewalk
Triumph crate engine vintage
Vintage Bonneville engine
Triumph high compression pistons
Robbins 11:1 Triumph pistons
ARD magneto Triumph crate
vintage ARD belt driven magneto
Triumph Grand Prix 500 GP head
This NOS 500 square barrel head had the factory manifold! (sold)
Land Speed racing Triumph inspection
Pre unit crank and rods
1966 T120 Bonneville
Petcock fuel flow testing Triumph
Flow testing the Amal Matchbox 510 float after modification
Triumph camshaft timing Routt 750

Finding top dead center before degreeing the cam

T110 Triumph engineThis show Preunit got twin 389 Monobloc carbs with hard anodized slides

1969 Triumph Bonneville
Triumph cylinder head dual plug
6mm valve conversion on a dual plugged T120 drag race head
BSA A65 engine
Triumph aluminum cylinder nikasil
High comp T140 pistons in Triples Rule aluminum cylinder nikasil bore
Triumph rebuilt head with Amal carbs
A pair of new Amal Premier carbs for a fresh Bonneville head
Rambo...first bore triumph
Rambo... First Bore
Pre Unit Triumph 6T show
Triumph cam wheel timing marks
Morgo oil pump...THE BEST
Triumph 500 650 gearbox
Pre Unit swingarm frame gearbox ready to install
Triumph racing camshaft lift
Measuring camshaft liftUnit 500 Daytona engine
Isky Rev Lube Triumph
Triumph ARD magneto belt drive
Triumph racing crankshaft 650
Unit 650 Triumph engine
1971 Unit construction TR6C
Magnaflux Spotcheck NDT Triumph
Crack checking cylinder heads with Spotcheck NDT
Pre unit Triumph polished engine
Dual engine Triumph dragbike heads
Dual carb preunit 6T engine
Triumph engine shop workbench
Triumph T140 engine
Triumph Racing engine ready for shipping
Triumph engine shop workbench
Triumph 1966 desert sled
This 1966 TR6C desert sled was a blast to ride
Triumph Bonnnevile head rebuilding
1969 Triumph Bonneville engine restored
Restored and blueprinted 1970 T120 engine
Harman Collins camshaft book
Harman & Collins Racing cams book (SOLD OUT)
1966 Bonneville in front of shop
Triumph head work F/G
Triumph T20M Moutain Cub 1967
Triumph TR6C parts
Triumph TriCor Racing cams
Triumph Tri-Cor Racing cams were made by Harman & Collins
Pre unit 6T T110 engine parts
Britech coated pistons T110 Triumph
Triumph Cub engine
Triumph racing landspeed motorcycle
MAP cycle big bore kit
Triumph head lightened
Triumph swingarm trans
Travis Shinn Triumph
This TR6SC is owned and ridden by photographer Travis Shinn
Triumph dual engine heads 650
Custom Triumph 650
Morris Magneto Triumph
Vintage Triumph engine 650
LAPD police dog
LAPD K-9 unit caught the bad guy
T140 flat track Triumph
Hot Triumph pre unit 650
Triumph vintage engine builder
1950 Triumph rigid custom 650
Triumph T140 TR7V engine
Dice Magazine panhead and Triumph 650
Dean Micetich's tasty panhead and Jon Rispante's 650 custom
Triumph Pre Unit Mark Drews
Bones Legacy Triumph T140
Angry Monkey Motorcycles preunit
BSA B33 plunger frame
Powerplant Choppers Triumph 650

Yaniv Evan at Powerplant Choppers had this ex Jack Hateley built Bonneville

Triumph 6T chrome show bike

Rickman 650
Franz and Grubb Timing tag
Josh Homme Falcon Motorcycles
Josh Homme's Falcon built Triumph 750
Dan Druff salt flats
Going through tech at Bonneville is easy if you read the rules
Franz and Grubb inside the shop
1970 Triumph T120R US Market
Ken Morris' impeccable 1970 T120R Triumph Bonneville
Dan at Bonneville with Vintage gas Triumph
Checking the safety wire at Bonneville Speed Week