Vintage Triumph 650 Black Diamond® valve/guide kit
Vintage Triumph 650 Black Diamond® valve/guide kit
Kibblewhite Precision Machining

Vintage Triumph 650 Black Diamond® valve/guide kit

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Kibblewhite valves are the best you can get for your Triumph motorcycle. Proven on the street, dirt, Bonneville Salt Flats, and race tracks everywhere, these are the legendary Black Diamond™ valves.

These forged stainless valves are specially impregnated which makes the stems incredibly hard and wear resistant. The reduced friction is also better than hard chrome or nickel plating. Nothing even comes close in terms of longevity.

When used with bronze guides and properly installed and finished, much tighter tolerances than factory can be used successfully for quieter operation, less friction, and much longer service life.

Please note that C630 Bronze guides are undersized and must be finish honed, (not reamed).

Manganese Bronze guides with seals are undersized but may be reamed to size.

Guides with valve seals are available but are only available in manganese bronze. The seals are supplied with the kit, seals will only fit guides specifically machined for seals.

This set consists of 2 intake valves, 2 exhaust valves, and 4 valve guides.

If you are building a Triumph 650 twin or rebuilding a head, these are the highest quality parts you can use. Oversize valves and guides are available for the same price.

We ship worldwide and will answer any questions you may have that are not covered in the installation notes.

For Black Diamond valve installation notes click here

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