New pre unit & Unit Triumph 650 & 750 Gearbox rebuild kits!



After ten years I finally decided to put a gearbox kit together, a few actually. Something that would make guys spend less time on the computer and more time in the garage.   


One of the most dreaded parts of building a Triumph engine is rebuilding the gearbox.

Not because it's difficult, but because it's such a pain in the ass to get all the parts together!

For example, there are 24 parts in a Unit 650 gearbox that almost ALWAYS need replacing.

Looking through the parts books, checking part numbers, looking online for who has all the parts in stock...

What a drag.

I seriously hate it and it's my job! I know everyone else must dislike that part too. Now I have kits to make it easy to get all the parts together in one box!



The 4 speed kit has 24 pieces and two booklets. Not only are these kits convenient, they are cheaper than anyone else (including my local wholesale British parts supplier)!

Instructions are included, as well as gear charts, tips, and a reprint of the factory manual gearbox section. This kit is well thought out and was designed to make your life easier.

The pre unit kit works for 1950-1960 gearboxes with bushings on the layshaft. There is a different booklet for that kit too with a reprint of the 1959 shop manual gearbox section, gear charts, and tips.

It doesn't get any easier than this.



Hepolite just came out with a new 5 speed high gear bearing and wow is it nice. The needle bearings are KOYO made in the USA and even though this kit isn't as comprehensive, it still is a great value and has all the stuff that needs replacing.



The part numbers are clearly listed in the photos and on the box. If you want to compare prices with anyone you will quickly see these kits are the way to go.

Is someone going to copy me?


I kind of hope someone does copy these kits, and tries to sell them cheaper- it will be a big win for the vintage Triumph community!

(UPDATE: "The Bonneville Shop" totally copied me on this kit! They forgot to write instructions or make a booklet though...oops)

Anyway please check out these kits and buy one for your upcoming's not like ANYTHING is going down in price lately. You can click the photo of the kit and it will take you to a better description and more photos.



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