Inside the 30mm Amal / FG "California Carb"

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The first time you pick up a new Amal aluminum Premier carburetter, it is shocking how light weight it is. Even if It looks like a 930 concentric that was made 50 years ago, it is worlds ahead in manufacturing, tolerances, and materials.

This specially built carb was made for Franz and Grubb Engine, and reading this should help know if this carb is right for you.

The "California Carb" was designed for single carb Triumph applications, but would also work on a lot of other bikes. 

See what parts make this carb different, and ready to go right out of the box...

Amal 930 California carb exploded view

All of these parts combined make the perfect Amal for most single carb 650 & 750 Triumphs. 

(If you have a Triumph T120 Bonneville I have pairs of Aluminum Premier carbs perfectly set here to see them)

When DHL delivered these boxes from Burlen Fuel Systems in England I could not wait to see how these carbs came out. I'm a gearhead and I take EVERYTHING apart. The first one out of the box made me realize...
This carb is a work of art.
Since it would be hard to describe how nice this carb is, I had to take these photos so everyone can see for themselves. 
Amal 930 California carb exploded view with descriptions

One major difference is that these carbs came from the factory with no choke!

Only restoration guys use a choke in Southern California, and many people ask me to ditch the choke and plug the cable hole in the carb top. 

These carbs never had a choke, and have a cable delete plug on top from the factory. The carb top has no adjuster so old style cables will fit perfectly.

Also installed is a dual banjo for 5/16" push on fuel line, at no extra cost.

Amal 930 carb 23FG California Carb

 The pilot jet is removable for cleaning, and can be changed for tuning. Premier pilot jets range from 15 to 23 in increments of 2. Most 930 carbs come with a 17 pilot but the 19 should be better suited for 650 and 750 Triumph twins, no matter how hot the camshaft is. 

If you have never seen these pilot jets, there is an easy way to identify them.


Amal premier pilot jet identification photo


Back to the machining, a lot has changed since Burlen Fuel Systems took over Amal almost 20 years ago. They have really stepped up and the results are incredible. Their investment in tooling, dedication to excellence, and the knowledgable and experienced crew are bringing new life into these old carbs.

Amal 930 carb body with top off
Amal carb close up stamped 23FG 930

But how light are they?

With brand new tooling, these carbs are pressure die cast aluminum, not the zinc alloy (Mazak) metal used in earlier versions, which is durable but heavier. This carb weighs in at just about one pound (453g). 

Amal 930 carb weighing on scale

Extended idle and pilot screws for easy adjustment  

The extended throttle stop screw makes changing the idle without tools easy.

Amal 930 carb adjuster screws close up
Sometimes you need to turn the idle up a little when you are warming your bike up- the extended throttle stop screw makes raising and lowering the idle easy without tools. The pilot screw is also extended for fine tuning adjustments on the road.
The StayUp® float, along with a newly designed aluminum viton tipped needle, make tickling the carb almost immediate. The idle is crisp and can be set lower than other Amal carbs of the past.
Also included is a polished aluminum bellmouth, or velocity stack, for those (like me) who do not use an air filter. The carb is threaded to fit an air cleaner or adapter if desired.
Amal 30mm carb close upTo recreate this carb with a standard 930 Premier, you would have to change a lot of different parts. It would get expensive but the parts are all available... 
This is the ultimate setup for a single carb 650 or 750 Triumph twin, daily rider, custom, chopper, or desert sled.
Anyone who doesn't ride in cold weather would benefit from the modern materials, advanced machining, and thoughtful details.
Now this smartly modified carb is available off the shelf, with a two year warranty from Amal, and only available from Franz and Grubb. 

Click here to purchase or to see current pricing. Stock of this special carb is limited.


Burlen Fuel Systems manufactures Amal carbs in England, to the highest standards. Here is a photo of one of their machine rooms with a former "White Helmets" Triumph TR7 (aka Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team), The Skinner Special (a Morris Minor frame stuffed with a Hudson straight 8 and topped off with 4 SU carbs), and a vintage Austin J40 pedal car. This company is proudly English!

Burlen Fuel Systems machine room with Skinner Special car

Amal Stockist Franz and Grubb Engine

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