Amal 930 carb in front of Amal boxes
Amal carb in front of Amal boxes front view
Amal carb in front of Amal boxes for Triumph 650
Amal carb in front of Amal boxes back view
Amal 930 California carb exploded view
Amal 23FG 930 carb for Triumph
Amal carb in front of Amal boxes bottom view
Amal 930 carb in pieces
Amal aluminum carb mounting flange
Amal carb in front of Amal boxes disassembled
Amal 930 carb boxes part 930/23PREM/FG

Amal Aluminum Premier 930 Concentric "California Carb"

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Exclusively available from F/G Engine...

A new Amal Aluminum Premier 930 carburetor specifically made for single carb Triumph 650/750 engines.

If you have a single carb 650 or 750 Triumph twin, this is the Ultimate carb for your bike! I had these carbs specially built by Amal with no choke and the modifications I usually do for single carb Triumphs...

230 main jet, #19 removable pilot jet, 106 needle jet, and #3.5 hard anodized slide.

Also installed are the extended throttle stop screw (622/169) and extended pilot air screw (622/168), to make adjustments easier without tools.

The 376/139 dual banjo is installed, as well as the 622/097 top, which takes the old style throttle cable, and since the choke has been deleted, a (4/137A) threaded plug is in place of where the choke cable would go.

Since it's really common on custom bikes and hot rod Triumphs not to run an air cleaner, included is a beautifully made polished aluminum screw on bellmouth (velocity stack), Amal p/n 928/066M. (Don't be fooled by all the "screened" stacks, they will kill your airflow and don't really keep much out anyway)

This is by far the best Amal ever made for any Triumph 650 or 750 with a single carb head. This aluminum carburetor only weighs 1 pound! (That's only 453 grams total!)

All Amal Premier carbs have a CNC machined hard anodized slide, aluminum viton tipped float needle, ethanol resistant StayUp® adjustable float, removable pilot jet, and all Amal Premier carburetors are guaranteed for a period of 2 years!

Factory stamped at Amal with part number 23/FG, no one else has this carb in stock but Franz and Grubb, and stock is limited.


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