Stuck in the Garage!!!

As the effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus expands, some of us are under pretty strict restrictions and some are even under quarantine.

This may be a good time to finish something on a project, clean your carb, fix that leaky top end, or just get your bike ready for riding to the pub when it reopens.

Victor Frankenstein was under quarantine when he built this reversed head Triumph Pre Unit show bike. He was also too scared to ride it so he made a creature to test ride it. His plan all went south after the initial break in of the fresh and powerful parallel twin engine. The day after the creature learned how to ride, he disappeared with the bike, and Victor's toiletpaper reserve...leaving Victor Frankenstein with no motorcycle AND no toilet paper.

However, if it weren't for the state mandated quarantine, Victor would have never got his project finished!

Frankenstien with Triumph motorcycle

If you find yourself stuck in the garage and working on your Triumph project maybe Franz and Grubb can help. The shop is still open and we are still shipping parts worldwide. If there is something you need please email or call the shop. While most of us are not sick, this time just may be an opportunity to get something done.

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