Degree Wheels back in stock!

People often ask me if I have shop tee shirts for sale. I do not.
However since this is an engine shop I feel much stronger about having degree wheels for sale, as no t-shirt has ever made an engine run better, faster, or more efficiently. The new batch of degree wheels is in and I could not be happier with the way they turned out. Read more to find out what was involved in making these...

Triumph degree wheel timing disc

First these were water jet cut from .050" 6061 aluminum sheet (1.27mm thick) into 7" round discs (178mm). They were then fixtured and turned in a lathe to make a crisp and true edge. After cutting the edge, they were individually deburred, and then chemically treated to even the aluminum finish. Then they were anodized in groups of colors, and then permanently laser marked.

Triumph motorcycle degree wheel packaging

Following that each one was inspected, bagged, and placed in a hand stenciled box.

Franz and Grubb packaging
From the materials to the artwork to the finished product, many talented people helped me produce these, and I am proud to offer them for sale instead of a "shop shirt".
Franz and Grubb shipping
The colors are very limited, the majority of these degree wheels are black. Even if you are not planning on degreeing your cams, timing your engine, or installing a magneto right now, it is a good idea to have a degree wheel for when you do need it. It also looks good hanging on the garage wall.

Made faster in California Triumph
This purely American made high quality tool may help you go faster, and will last a lifetime if cared for.


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