Hylomar aerosol spray for copper head gaskets & more!

If you are looking for a way to bullet-proof your head gasket from leaking, This convenient Hylomar M Aerosol may be what you need.
This spray will allow you to apply a thin even coat to any gasket to improve sealing, easy removal, and assist in gasket placement during assembly. This is especially helpful on large copper and steel shim gaskets, and other gaskets where Hylomar M would be difficult to apply evenly.

Hylomar spray for head gaskets
Use on paper base gaskets, rocker box, primary cover, head, and can even be used on copper washers and threads. Harmless to all metals, and easy clean up with acetone or Hyloclean.

We have found this to be more effective than Permatex copper Spray-A-Gasket or Copper Coat, less messy application, and easier to clean up.
Effective temperature range -58º to 482° F
Priced at only $19.95

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