Grant piston rings for Triumph in stock!

Many people attribute ring seating problems to the brand of rings installed.

If the cause is poor cylinder preparation, faulty installation, or a bent connecting rod, the rings are sure to get the blame.

Piston rings have one of the hardest jobs in the engine, to seal the combustion chamber while removing heat from the piston.

We have used Triumph ring sets from Hastings, Total Seal, Deves, Grant, Hepolite, Goetze, Riken, JCC, and a few others...

The result was almost the same with each brand...They all did a great job when gapped correctly, carefully installed in a round bore, and were allowed to break in without any extreme circumstances.

We are proud to announce that we now have Grant Piston rings in stock for the Triumph 650. This set consists of a torsional twist (inner bevel) top and second ring, with a one piece cast oil ring. They are designed to break in quickly and give good service life.

These cast iron rings are made in California as they have been since the company was founded in a house in Los Angeles. Grant rings have won races on drag strips, Bonneville Salt Flats, stock car, and countless other events.

Franz and Grubb have used Grant rings for years and are happy to supply this excellent American made ring set for your Triumph.

To order Grant piston rings click here

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