Triumph 650 cast piston kit
Triumph 650 cast piston kit
Triumph 650 cast piston kit
Franz and Grubb Engine

Triumph 650 cast piston kit

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We have found this 9:1 compression Triumph piston set to be more consistent than original Triumph AE pistons. Having supplied this piston set for years, and using them in our builds, these are an excellent choice for any street 650 engine, pre unit or unit construction. These pistons are manufactured by Jieh Chueng Industrial Comany., Ltd who are also the current manufacturers of many OEM pistons worldwide. This set is for 650cc with a 2.795" nominal bore.

The difference between our sets and other sellers are ours are actually weight matched and balanced to +/- one gram. This eliminates the hassle of having to balance the pistons yourself, or worse yet not checking them at all. Most shops don't bother to even open the boxes when sending out engine parts, and if they did some would not know how to spot a defective ring or piston anyway. Each ring is inspected for defects and checked for flatness before shipping. A bent or deformed ring will never seat. Ever. 

We include installation sheets.
Instead of the typical and lame "refer to your manual" we include our own installation notes written by an experienced engine builder which will help both the installer and/or the machinist doing the work. These include recommended clearances and suggested ring gaps that have been successfully used at our shop on street and racing engines.

What if the piston is too small?
Sometimes the machine shop will not be able to clean up the bore for your piston size. This is because a + .020" piston will only take .010" off per side, and the cylinder may also be worn or have a taper. You can exchange any piston set from our shop with another size should you ever discover this is the case, as long as the rings have not been file fit or pistons modified. No problem.

There is no better quality control for Triumph engine parts than Franz and Grubb Engine.

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