Triumph Hepolite 5TA 500 piston and ring kit
Triumph Hepolite 5TA 500 piston and ring kit
Triumph Hepolite 5TA 500 piston and ring kit

Triumph Hepolite 5TA 500 piston and ring kit

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This Hepolite kit includes everything you need to take your unit 500 cylinder to the next size. Pistons, wrist pins, circlips, and the most modern and the highest quality ring set available today.

These Triumph pistons are a replica of the pistons originally fitted as OEM for the 1957 -1967 "squish band" head 500. This head can be identified by having a bevelled edge leading into the combustion chamber.

Having sold this piston set for years, and using them in our builds, these are an excellent choice for any street or engine, pre unit or unit construction. These pistons are manufactured by JCC and the rings are exclusively made in England for Hepolite. This premium ring set includes a two piece oil control ring with a coil spring. This modern ring design is far superior than one piece designs, and is easier to install than 3 piece oil rings. 

This set is for 500cc engines (with the "squish band" head) with a 2.7165" standard bore ( 69mm ), available in standard, .020", .040", and .060" oversizes only.

( For later cylinder heads please see the T100 non-squish band pistons here )

We include installation sheets.
Instead of the typical and lame "refer to your manual" we include our own installation notes written by an experienced engine builder which will help both the installer and/or the machinist doing the work. These include recommended clearances and suggested ring gaps that have been successfully used at our shop on street and racing engines.  Our extensive installation notes should answer any questions you might have about these piston rings. 

What if the piston is too small?
Sometimes the machine shop will not be able to clean up the bore for your piston size. This is because a + .020" piston will only take .010" off per side, and the cylinder may also be worn or have a taper. You can exchange any piston set from our shop with another size should you ever discover this is the case, as long as the rings have not been file fit or pistons modified. No problem.

Hepolite pistons are only available supplied with Hepolite rings, although rings may be purchased separately by clicking here.

For Hepolite piston ring installation notes click here

For Triumph piston size "CHEAT SHEETS" click here

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