Triumph needle bearings 750 5 speed 60-3511
Needle bearings for Triumph BSA 5 speed gearbox
Franz and Grubb Engine

Triumph 750 5th gear needle bearing set

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Replace your high gear bearings in your five speed with these exact and precisely made USA needle bearings. Replaces Triumph part # 60-3511 (x2), and 60-3500 oil seal.  Please check your parts catalog for application. This is a pair of needle bearings and one oil seal. You can also buy the bearings without the seal.

These are the bearings and seal INSIDE the 5th gear.

You will need both of these for your fifth gear. 
If you need layshaft bushings we have a convenient kit with both needle bearings and 2 new Kibblewhite thrust washers.
 This kit can also be used when converting a pre unit gearbox to a unit construction 5 speed gear set.
60-3511 open end 5th gear needle bearing
60-3500 5th gear oil seal

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