Triumph "mushroom" tappet adjuster set
Triumph "mushroom" tappet adjuster set
Triumph "mushroom" tappet adjuster set
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Triumph "mushroom" tappet adjuster set

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Replace your worn out valve adjusters with this set of English made "mushroom" style tappet adjusters. Unlike most on the market today, these are heat treated on the face only, (not induction hardened which leaves the first few threads hardened also).

They are copper plated, as the copper plating protects the threads from embrittlement during heat treatment. The 1/2" radius has a larger surface which can help correct errors in rocker geometry, and have a smooth opening effect while being gentle on the valve tip. They have a 3mm allen hex to adjust, and are supplied in sets with nuts.

The 26 tpi CEI thread will fit all pre unit 500 and 650, as well as unit 650 and 750 engines to 1978. Triumph part number 70-1513 and will also work for BSA part number 67-0056.

These were originally developed by Norman Hyde and have been proven for racing and street bikes alike.

Mushroom adjusters can only be installed and removed with the rocker boxes off of the engine.

For standard size radius adjusters click here

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