F/G Engine stickers with envelope and Triumph motorcycles
F/G Engine stickers with envelope and Triumph  tiger
F/G Engine sticker on red tool box
Franz and Grubb Engine


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Stickers! They look good on almost everything...bikes, cars, trucks, helmets, tool boxes, windows, etc...

I had to protect the stickers from getting bent, so I made these postcards to protect them. They only come with the sticker pack.

The sticker pack includes 5 F/G stickers, 2 postcards (one of Gary and Rich Richards, one of Mark Drews and "Solitary Confinement"), and a letter explaining why I had the stickers made right here in California.

These will be shipped first class mail with no tracking, but postage is included in the price. Show your support of the last Triumph shop left in the valley- Franz and Grubb!

Individual stickers also available but will be shipped without postcards or letter.


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