Hepolite T140 Triumph piston rings
Hepolite T140 Triumph piston rings close up
Hepolite T140 Triumph piston rings oil ring
Hepolite T140 Triumph piston rings top compression ring
Hepolite T140 Triumph piston rings PVD chromed
Hepolite piston ring individual packaging

750 Triumph Hepolite piston rings

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Hepolite piston rings are the highest quality rings currently produced for your vintage Triumph. Made in England, this premium ring set includes a two piece oil control ring with a coil spring. This modern ring design is far superior than one piece designs, and is easier to install than 3 piece oil rings.

This ring set is for 750cc Triumph with a nominal bore of 2.9911", including T140 Bonneville, and TR7 twins including TR7V, TR7T, T140V, T140D, T140E, and T140J models.

These sets are made exclusively for Hepolite in England, and our extensive installation notes should answer any questions you may have about these rings. They are an excellent compliment to the JCC Triumph pistons. Each ring set is inspected before shipping to guarantee you will not receive a defective ring.

Read our piston and ring installation notes HERE for more information. Please select the size required from the drop down menu below.

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