PennGrade 1 SAE 30 "Break In" Oil
PennGrade 1 SAE 30 "Break In" Oil
PennGrade 1 Oil

PennGrade 1 SAE 30 "Break In" Oil

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"Breaking in" a freshly built engine, or a set of new rings?

There is plenty of folklore and speculation about what to do and which oil to use.

The truth is that engine oil is only one part of a larger set of variables.

Piston ring material, cylinder material, cylinder wall finish, ring gap, and oil type and delivery volume all play a part in this process. You want every advantage you can get.


Penngrade 1 SAE 30 Break In Oil has the perfect blend of zinc, phosphorus, and additives to promote ring seating while still protecting engine components from wear. This has been the break in oil of choice for top engine builders worldwide for almost two decades.

"Non Detergent" nonsense... Detergents hold harmful particles in suspension and keep them from embedding in soft bearing surfaces, which is a good thing. Using a non-detergent oil used to be a popular way to break in rings but is now considered to be unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Depending on ring type and cylinder preparation, we usually recommend break in oil be used for the first 50-300 miles.

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