Triumph Pre Unit 500 top end gasket kit 1946-1957
Triumph Pre Unit 500 top end gasket kit 1946-1957
Triumph Pre Unit 500 top end gasket kit 1946-1957
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Triumph Pre Unit 500 top end gasket kit 1946-1957

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This kit is designed to service the top end on all Pre Unit 500 engines, including alloy close fin, square barrel, and iron head with internal or external drain. This gasket set has been carefully manufactured with the highest quality materials and technology currently available. 

Triumph 500 Pre Unit 1946-1959 TOP END GASKET KIT includes: 

1  AFM 500 base gasket                (70-2249 or E2249) 

4  AFM rocker box gaskets            (70-1650 or E1650)

4  .095” thick Pushrod tube seals   (70-3547 or E3547)

4  .125” thick Pushrod tube seals   (70-4752 or E4752)

12  3/8” I.D. Copper washers          (70-1335 or E1335)

4  5/16” I.D. Copper washers         (82-1880 or F1880)

4 Rocker box inspection washers  (70-1577 or E1577)

8 pushrod tube seals are provided, only 4 are necessary. Please whichever size works best for your application.

This gasket set does not include a head gasket or intake manifold gaskets. You can add a head gasket in the drop down menu. See below for head gasket info.


These gaskets were proudly manufactured in the USA, with materials from the USA by Cleveland Gasket® They are aluminum core with a nitrile rubber bonded to both sides. This AFM gasket material has excellent temperature resistance, torque retention, and compression.

There will be no pink, green, or blue gasket material hanging over the edge of your rocker box.

No sealant of any type is needed, and due to the high rate of recovery when disassembled, in most cases the gaskets can be reused.


1946-1950 500 5T and T100 iron head with internal drain use E2248 or 70-2248 head gasket, 2.810" ID with 4 drain holes in copper gasket.

1950-1958 500 T100 and TR5 close fin alloy heads use E3003 or 70-3003 head gasket, 2.670" ID solid copper.

1951 500 5T external drain and Grand Prix models use E3614 or 70-3614 head gasket, 2.810 ID solid copper.

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